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Eisner (2003) describes the secular trend of homicide rates in Europe and has collected data for this research paper.From his database Eisner constructed data for several European regions and presented this in a table.Time coverage varies between countries – for some countries data is available going back to 1800 while for other countries data for only 1 or 2 years are available.Homicide rates in Japan have steadily decreased over the past century.In the last year of the study of Clark and Wildner - the year 1995 - there were 1.207 homicides in Germany.Over the following years the number dropped and reached 723 homicides in 2011.They will be guided by psychiatric opinion on your condition.'Dr Philip Joseph, who is arguably the country's most experienced consultant forensic psychiatrist in cases of this kind, expresses the opinion that you suffer from an emotionally unstable and dissocial psychopathic personality disorder with the result that the risk you pose to women is likely to remain significant for the foreseeable future.''You lied to her about being a lawyer with you own firm when the reality was that you had recently been made the subject of a suspended sentence of imprisonment of Bristol crown court for making death threats to women which you communicated to a community nurse involved in caring for your mental health.' Prosecutor Ann Evans told the court: 'The tragedy of this case is that Katie Locke, like thousands of other young people, having agreed to a date with Carl Langdell, accepted what he told her about himself.'Mrs Evans told the court that Langdell had previously been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder and had been discharged from a psychiatric unit just two months before he killed Katie.'On the 24th of December we were cruelly robbed of a precious daughter, sister, niece, grand-daughter, cousin and auntie.

The raw data without distinguishing between different states is visualized in the following graph.

The following graph shows the fall in the homicide rate in relation to various armed conflicts in New England.

In the early colonial days in America, the homicide rate was incredibly high.

Over the course of the last century this picture has changed: the south of Europe has followed northwestern Europe and now has similarly low violence.

The remaining inequality is now between a more violent Eastern Europe and a less violent Western Europe.

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