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In this tent Mass was celebrated by the military chaplains ( capellani ).

When at rest in the palace the relic likewise gave its name to the oratory where it was kept, and subsequently any oratory where Mass and Divine service were celebrated was called capella , chapelle , chapel.

Instances are extant of the original meeting-places of Christians being preserved under the level of the subsequent church, the soil having risen in the course of ages.

Thus, under the lower church of San Clemente at Rome is a chamber, at present inaccessible, that may have have been part of the house of Clemens.

And Thomassin quotes, as proceeding from a Gallican council of this time, a canon to the effect that on Sundays and feasts all shall come to the church and none shall invite priests to celebrate Mass in their houses.

In course of time many chapels, both those set up by nobles, and those furnished by the ecclesiastical authority, became regular parish churches.

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Another, but improbable, derivation is cupella , a domical or cup-shaped monument (see CUPOLA).

This cape, or its representative, was afterwards preserved as a relic and accompanied the Frankish kings in their wars, and the tent which sheltered it became known also as cappella or capella .

Martin divided his military cloak ( cappa ) and gave half to the beggar at the gate of Amiens, he wrapped the other half round his shoulders, thus making of it a cape ( capella ).

Ordination, since the close of the age of persecutions, has never been given without a "title" or definite sphere of work and corresponding maintenance having been first secured to the ordained.

In the Council of Chalcedon were read Acts of the Constantinopolitan Council under Flavian, mentioning priests attached to martyria or suburban churches at Constantinople, and the sixth canon forbade the ordination of any save to some title, these martyria being in the list of those recognized.

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