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Any way you live in Houston and want some work Sadly I get a single electric bill. Or pay for line sets, electrical, 16 new OD units, drywall refinnishing, etc. Na, no one complains that a room or 2 are too hot as the cental air ducting is good.While this old junker I'm sure uses more electricity than a brand new system of it's time, I would assume it still uses less than 16 individual units no matter how efficient (am I right? The real problem comes when the main system breaks or the fact taht even when it's running, it doesn't cool *well*.No thought ever given to having tubes punched annually on the chiller and condenser barrels, no thought toward water treatment for the chilled water loop, no thought for chemical treatment for the cooling tower.Just run the damn thing until it craters...usually during a horrible heatwave, leaving tenants with little recourse but to put the complex on the ten o'clock news.I have a 16 unit apartment complex and by far the biggest headace comes from the AC system. ) that takes the cold water through coiles, blows air over it, and makes the cold air. So my question: How the heck is the inside unit said/spelled. Any help for this newguy apartment owner would be great (and if you want to suggest what I should get in the way of new individual units that would be awesome, or if you think I should replace the main condenser/compressor instead, I'd welcome that discussion as well).

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The difference is, that with individual units, they can pay for their own cooling, and heating.

You can have split systems installed in each apartment. I guess when looking for split systems, I have to look for the inside unit to be of the type to fit in that furred down space rather than one that's made to go into a purpose built closet. Any ~2ton units you recommend where the inside half can go into that furred area?

Cody First Company possibly made the fan coils that are in your apartment units now, and still make direct expansion (DX) fan coils that use an air cooled condenser outdoors (a split system), that will fit in the drop ceiling (spares you the confusion over furrdown vs.

furdown), which is likely over a bathroom in the apartment, or in the hallway going to the bedrooms.

Your biggest installation concerns will be each apartment requiring 240 volt service to run the condensers and fan coils, and if you go with a heat pump or straight electric heat.

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