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Of course, they were to be done by a person whom the priest knew very well.

The rich white man was told to make the payment in advance and the offerings would be sent to him by post at regular intervals as prescribed. The way they were trying to get the info was quite interesting and not a very good example of cold reading.

When we went after lunch two separate readings were arranged for us- the master and the servant.

The master was told a lot of things about him which hitherto were unknown to him. But, it was nothing he did in this life that was the cause, it was his past life!

The added attraction was that the sequence would be shot in high definition, expenses to be taken care of by the company.

On the 8 place for Nadi Jotidam- the Vaitheeswarn Kovil at Chidambaram about 250 kms from Chennai.

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With some encouragement from me the reader started delivering the usual rigmarole that they do.Our team consisted of Gareth the producer, Brendon his son, Gurmith the photographer, Savitri Choudahry the arranger, Dr. We had cooked up a story for the astrologers- that Gareth was a wealthy textile tycoon and Savitri was his guide for all India, Ganesh for Tamilnadu and I for Karnataka.We were appropriately dressed for the occasion with large vermillion mark on the forehead and me in a long Khadi jiiba to hide my physique which would have made them suspicious of my claim to a poor retired laboratory technician now working as a tourist guide.As usual I was told he has friends in the temple that would be glad to do them for a suitable price and no fraud.I was also assured that it would be seen to that the offerings made to the gods on my behalf would be sent by post as prescribed.

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